Old-school Movies To Watch For Family Movie Night

Related Stories FDA to start regulating health-related smartphone apps Parents can target what their kids watch on their phones, tablets and TVs, thanks to a new digital video service. Target Ticket launched by the discount chain store offers a whopping 30,000 movies and television shows to buy, rent, download or stream starting at 99 cents. Titles include blockbuster releases like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness and HBO shows like Game of Thrones and True Blood. RELATED: WHAT THE EMMY VOTERS GOT RIGHT – AND WHAT THEY GOT WRONG But parents have the ultimate say about their kids viewing options. The big-box retailer partnered with San Francisco-based nonprofit Common Sense Media, which provides movie and TV reviews, to make it easier for users to select age-appropriate content for their kids. Melinda Sue Gordon/AP Target are aiming to compete with Netflix, which offers its own original series like ‘House of Cards.’ The political drama, which stars Kevin Spacey, won three awards at the 2013 Emmys. Worried parents can also set filters according to the level of violence and profanity and ratings given by the Motion Picture Association of America. PHOTOS: EMMY AWARDS 2013 NOMINATIONS ANNOUNCED They can customize profiles for family members so they can watch varied content simultaneously on different devices. The service is aimed at parents who want a kid-safe, easy- to-use service, the company says. Viewers can watch rented content as many times as they want within a 48-hour period. Target Ticket is currently available on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS, along with Internet-connected TVs and Xboxes. Guests can visit TargetTicket.com to access the service or download the app through the App Store or Google Play.

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The NeverEnding Story Continue the ’80s family movie night marathon with this gem, The NeverEnding Story (Amazon Prime, $5). Kids who absolutely love getting lost in a book, will have their eyes glued to this movie, which is all about a little boy who becomes the main character in the fantasy book that he’s reading. And, we can’t forget about the lovable and wise flying dog/dragon/mystical creature, Falkor, who helps Atreyu through his journey. Swiss Family Robinson Before you put this movie on, we recommend you make it very clear to your kids that no matter how much they love Swiss Family Robinson (Amazon Prime, $14), you are not, we repeat, are not, moving into a tree house. Don’t get swayed into thinking that the Swiss Family Robinson lifestyle is looking good, Mom remember, there are no dishwashers in the jungle. The Goonies Looking for the perfect movie for a movie night with a group of boys? Goonies (Amazon Prime, $4) is your movie! In fact, your husband is probably still quoting Goonies from the last time he watched it… 20 years ago. Sit in on this one, Mom and Dad. He’ll love reliving his boyhood and you’ll love swooning over a young Corey Feldman just like you were 12 years old again. Labrynth Because, really… what is better than family movie night? How about family movie night with David Bowie? If you remember the ’80s movie Labrynth (Amazon Prime, $6), you get major bonus points.

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While this feature is only on iOS at the moment, it will be released later for Android and other platforms. I’ll show you how to access and use Snap Movie, which will let you share your creations with all your friends. Starting a Snap Movie Snap Movies can be created in the chat menu. Tap the plus icon at the bottom, which will bring up a list of attachment options, and select “Snap Movie”. Snap Movies can be up to ten seconds long. Tapping the screen will record a single second, or you can long press to record all ten seconds. If you don’t like what’s been recorded, you can cancel the video by tapping the “X” at the top right. By default, Snap Movie uses the device’s back camera, but you can hit the camera flip icon on the upper left to switch to the front camera. If your video is less than 10 seconds, hit the “Next” button to move to the next step. Full length clips will automatically complete and move on. Music and Preview You’ll be taken to the BGM menu where you can choose to use the original audio, or add a background track. You will first need to download the song by tapping the corresponding button on the right. This should be fairly quick, though it does depend on the speed of your data connection. Take a listen to the audio and once you’ve found a track you like, hit “Next”. You’ll be able to preview the full creation of your Snap Movie along with the music.

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The Langham was constructed in 1865 and is one of London’s first purpose-built hotels. Bond scrambles over the iconic, globe-adorned rooftop of the Atlantic Kempinski in “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and the hotel’s exterior also appears throughout the film. Played by Pierce Brosnan, Bond stays in the hotel’s Atlantic Suite and several scenes were filmed there. This Indian hotel doubles as Octopussy’s lair in the film of the same name, with the dining room, terrace and hotel barge appearing in various scenes. The hotel’s lily pond is also featured in the film, when Bond girl Octopussy is shown enjoying a naked swim. In “Goldfinger,” this enormous hotel appears in the sweeping aerial shot which follows the opening credits. In the film, Bond girl Jill Masterton is found dead at the hotel after being covered in gold paint. In “The Spy Who Loved Me,” Roger Moore’s Bond seduces KGB agent Amasova in the piano bar, which doubles as Bond’s hotel room. The Cala di Volpe was the first hotel to be built on the Costa Smeralda, which is a popular holiday spot for those who rarely enjoy the charms of hostels: Heidi Klum and Denzel Washington have both stayed at the hotel. In the opening scene of “Skyfall,” Bond (played by Daniel Craig) takes a dip in this London hotel’s rooftop swimming pool. The pool’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer unbeatable views over London, but because the property doubles for a hotel in Shanghai, they were blacked out prior to filming.