New York Red Bulls Eye Elusive Trophy

Airbnb Wins New York City Appeal On Short-Term Rentals

13, the 51st New York Film Festival will feature the world premieres of Paul Greengrass Captain Phillips, Spike Jonzes Her and Ben Stillers The Secret Life of Water Mitty. By Associated Press, NEW YORK Tom Hanks has had enough of playing real people. In Paul Greengrass docudrama Captain Phillips, which premiered on Friday as the opening night film of the New York Film Festival, he plays Richard Phillips, the captain of a cargo ship famously taken by Somali pirates in 2009. PHOTOS: Last week’s best news photos Earlier this year, Hanks made his Broadway debut playing New York journalist Mike McAlary in Nora Ephrons Lucky Guy. And later this year, he stars as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, about the making of Mary Poppins. I got to get out of this racket, Hanks said sheepishly ahead of the Friday night premiere. Its killing me. Captain Phillips, which is expected to be a major contender in Hollywoods awards season, debuted at the NYFF to enthusiastic reviews and particular acclaim for Hanks performance. But playing real-life people comes with various pressures of authenticity. Verisimilitude is a primary aim for Greengrass, who made the true-life tales United 93 and Bloody Sunday with similar documentary-like realism. Hanks met several times with Phillips at his Vermont home to help prepare for the role. You dont want to be an idiot, said Hanks. You dont want to ask, What were you feeling? What was it like? What were you feeling? Are you a hero? you know, ask questions like most journalists do when the time comes. The crowd, composed largely of members of the media, roared.

Photographer take pictures as the Soyuz TMA-10M spacecraft carrying the International Space Station (ISS) crew of U.S. astronaut U.S. astronaut Michael Hopkins, Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy blasts off from the launch pad at the Baikonur cosmodrome September 26, 2013. REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov  (KAZAKHSTAN - Tags: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY)

Petke said the team was siding with caution, even with the Supporters Shield on the line. “If the doctors weren’t telling me certain things, of course I would step in and have serious conversations with these players, saying, ‘Listen, we need you this weekend,'” Petke said. “But that’s not the reality. The reality is that it really is a health risk.” A victory Sunday matched with a loss or tie by the Philadelphia Union or a loss or tie by the Chicago Fire would put the Red Bulls in the playoffs. An early postseason berth would help validate Petke’s rookie season, which started with the team winning five of its first 15 games before going on a tear in July and August. The success has not brought smooth sailing for Petke or the team, however. On Aug. 29, the coach and Henry had a shouting match during practice, and Henry stormed off the field. The day after the argument, Petke tried to defuse the situation, telling news reporters he and Henry were on the same page. “What happened with me and Henry? Listen, Thierry Henry is one of the most passionate and fiery people I’ve ever been associated with. And unless you guys have been under a rock for the last 13 years, I’m pretty passionate and lose my head a lot, too,” Petke said. “Very normal stuff; there’s really nothing to report. It happens all over the world.” Henry did not comment on the fight, but he recorded two goals and one assist in the next three games.

New York Fed Completes Test of Fixed-Rate Reverse Repo Facility

Nigel Warren, an Airbnb host, had previously been fined $2,400 by New York City regulators in a highly publicized case . In the original ruling, the citys Environmental Control board ruled that Warren had broken the law against short term rentals in the city. Now the board has reversed that ruling. In the appeal , Airbnb and Warren argued that the citys law allows people torent out homes or apartments, or parts of these spaces, for less than 30 days if the resident of the space is in the unit at the time. Because Warrens roommate was in the apartment at the time of the Airbnb rental it was legal, they argued. The Environmental Control Board ruled in their favor yesterday, overturning the original ruling. Airbnbs David Hantman wrote in the blog post, I said at the time that the decision was clearly wrong on the law and bad for New York, and we were proud to support Nigel and his landlord as they appealed this ruling over the past few months. Yesterday, the New York City Environmental Control Board reversed Nigels fines, agreeing with our arguments and delivering a major victory for Nigel, New York and the Airbnb community. The ruling should clarify some of the confusion around legality of short-term rentals in New York City. That is, rentals for less than 30 days are legal if a resident of the space is there at the time of the rental. That should cover a significant portion of Airbnb listings in New York City. Still left unclear is what this means for Airbnb listings in which the resident is not in the apartment or home at the time of the rental. Airbnb has faced legal challenges in a number of cities, but New York City is one of its biggest markets and would be a major boost if regulatory issues were clarified there. It has also had some victories in cities like Hamburg, Germany. In San Francisco, its home city and another big market, the company is also trying to get legislation passed that would clarify and make legal short term rentals there.


The Fed allotted $9.4 billion in overnight reverse repos through the facility at a fixed-rate of 0.01 percent. The operation was open to the Feds 139 tri-party reverse repo counterparties, which includes 94 money market mutual funds, six government-sponsored entities, 18 banks and the Feds 21 primary dealers. Each eligible counterparty was limited to a maximum bid amount of $500 million. The collateral for the transactions was limited to Treasury debt. This exercise is not intended to materially affect the current level of short-term interest rates , the New York Fed said in a statement on Sept. 20. This work is a matter of prudent advance planning and do not represent a change in the stance of monetary policy, the statement said. The New York Fed said in a separate statement today that it plans to increase the maximum bid amount to $1 billion from $500 million, beginning with tomorrows operation. Fed policy makers, while still buying bonds to support the economy, have also been developing methods to eventually help withdraw record monetary accommodation. Along with raising the overnight bank lending rate, Fed officials have said they may use tools including reverse repos to withdraw or neutralize cash in the banking system. In a reverse repo, the Fed lends securities for a set period, temporarily draining cash from the banking system. At maturity, the securities are returned to the Fed, and the cash to its counterparties. To contact the reporters; on this story: Liz Capo McCormick in New York at To contact the editors responsible for this story: Dave Liedtka at More News: