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But, whatever happened to the good old classics that we used to watch as kids? From old-school black and white favorites to teen flicks that we devoured (Brat Pack, anyone?), your kids are going to get an entirely new taste of what family movie night is meant to be! Back to the Future Considering the date in the future that the stars of Back to the Future (Amazon Prime, $5) the classic ’80s movie jet ahead in time to is just a couple of years away (October 21, 2015) we can certainly say that this should now be on the list of classics! While your kids might be confused about why the “future” looks a lot different on the movie, than it does in real life (um, unless a lot changes in the next two years?), they’ll love the retro-style and especially Doc Brown’s breakfast -making machine. Pete’s Dragon Making ground-breaking cinematic moves in the late 1970s, Pete’s Dragon (Amazon Prime, $11) combines animation and live action (aka real people), for some serious old-school family movie night fun. While you all will quickly realize that this is no high-tech, 3-D, Pixar animation theater, the novelty of mixing cartoons and people, as they do in Pete’s Dragon, will keep your kids’ attention. The NeverEnding Story Continue the ’80s family movie night marathon with this gem, The NeverEnding Story (Amazon Prime, $5). Kids who absolutely love getting lost in a book, will have their eyes glued to this movie, which is all about a little boy who becomes the main character in the fantasy book that he’s reading. And, we can’t forget about the lovable and wise flying dog/dragon/mystical creature, Falkor, who helps Atreyu through his journey. Swiss Family Robinson Before you put this movie on, we recommend you make it very clear to your kids that no matter how much they love Swiss Family Robinson (Amazon Prime, $14), you are not, we repeat, are not, moving into a tree house. Don’t get swayed into thinking that the Swiss Family Robinson lifestyle is looking good, Mom remember, there are no dishwashers in the jungle. The Goonies Looking for the perfect movie for a movie night with a group of boys?

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Thats his dilemma when he meets a blonde princess named Barbara Sugarman ( Scarlett Johansson ), who calls on a sirens array of erotic artillery to reduce him to jello. Porn she absolutely forbids, no discussion. But hes an addict. Though its set in New Jersey rather than Brooklyn, Don Jon — written and directed with frenzied energy by Gordon-Levitt — cheerfully steals from the 1977 Saturday Night Fever in its tale of an Italian-American stud-slash-dolt who harbors a spark of life that draws him toward the wider world. Its even more condescending to the small-minded characters around him, if thats possible. Don Jon is also fast and funny. Jons deliverance comes in the form of a messed-up pothead named Esther who sees through his insulation and tells him what he needs to hear. The down-shift from cartoon romance to romantic drama would be jarring if Esther were played by a lesser actress than Julianne Moore , who makes the wisdom shes given to deliver sound like good hard sense from an older woman whos been through hell. Shes touching, Johansson is wonderfully awful and Gordon-Levitt is electric, making it easy to forgive the movie its meannesses. Unless you happen to be Italian-American. Don Jon, from Relativity Media, is playing across the U.S. Rating: **** (Seligman) Muscle Shoals Songs as energizing as When a Man Loves a Woman and Brown Sugar leave us wanting more, so maybe its fitting that a documentary about the place that delivered those gutbucket classics does the same. But Muscle Shoals , Greg Freddy Camaliers feature-length film hitting select theaters before airing on PBS in early 2014, leaves us unsatisfied for all the wrong reasons. Ruminations on Native American legends and Helen Kellers water pump would be fine in an Alabama travelogue, but in Muscle Shoals? Couldnt we please get back to Mustang Sally? Rock Superstars In the 1960s, Muscle Shoals, the backwoods Alabama town that housed FAME recording studio and its rival facility Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, drew rock and soul superstars looking to tap the areas homegrown funk rhythms. Some, like Aretha Franklin , were surprised to learn that those beats came from a rhythm section composed entirely of white boys barely out of their teens — the Swampers, as they came to be known (and name-checked in Lynyrd Skynyrds Sweet Home Alabama).

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Don Jon The man has priorities: his body, his pad, his wheels, his church, his porn. Nicknamed Don Jon ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) for his way with the ladies, the dude’s in control until he meets Barbara ( Scarlett Johansson ), a knockout with a thing for mushy movies. They click until she catches him in front of the TV, um, amusing himself. Can he win her back? Rated R. Enough Said Divorced masseuse Eva ( Julia Louis-Dreyfus ) and funny guy Albert ( James Gandolfini ) fret over their maturing daughters as their bond blossoms. At the same time, Eva gains a new client ( Catherine Keener ) who cannot stop divulging details about her ex. Cue Eva’s two worlds colliding. Rated PG-13. Haute Cuisine Meet Hortense, who shakes up the Elysee Palace kitchen cabinet when she becomes the president’s personal chef. As the pride of the republic rests on her shoulders, Hortense will stop at nothing to excel, foodie jealousies be damned. Based on a true story. In French and English with subtitles.

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2/5 INBRED- Slightly disappointed by this one. I thought the film would have more to offer. It reminded me of 2001 Cannibals with a little less boob and a lot more horse. Dont get me wrong its entertaining and actually funny. The moment when they are betting how far the girl can crawl after he leg gets trapped in a bear trap is hilarious. Not a lot of substance here and please no more mention of Texas Chainsaw Massacre with this film. Its an entertaining UK film but I dont think the casual horror fan will enjoy this. Its over quick though which is always a good thing. Inbred is worth seeing for horror gore hounds but others keep walking. 2/5 MURDER BY ELEVEN- The back and forth between a murder and the cops usually provides a good dynamic for any cop drama. In horror usually the killer has the upper hand. This aint TV land.

If your video is less than 10 seconds, hit the “Next” button to move to the next step. Full length clips will automatically complete and move on. Music and Preview You’ll be taken to the BGM menu where you can choose to use the original audio, or add a background track. You will first need to download the song by tapping the corresponding button on the right. This should be fairly quick, though it does depend on the speed of your data connection. Take a listen to the audio and once you’ve found a track you like, hit “Next”. You’ll be able to preview the full creation of your Snap Movie along with the music. If want to go back and change something, hit the back button in the upper left. If you like what’s been produced, hit “Send”. The video will be sent to your friend, and will also be saved onto your device. This means you can send your Snap Movie to others by using the normal “Choose a Video” option. You can also watch, move, or upload the video file via other apps on your iOS device. Being able to make short self-created movies and send them to your LINE contacts is fun and convenient. However, Snap Movie lacks the more sophisticated features of Vine and Instagram Video. LINE Snap Movies can’t be as easily edited, lacks filters, and doesn’t allow direct sharing to social networks.