Hollywood United Methodist Church Puts Its Faith In Filming

Iceland’s wild beauty, tax incentives lure Hollywood producers looking to portray other worlds

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And the shape I’m in! I feel like what’s hopeful is there’s gonna be a place for me again. Right now, I’m straddling two worlds.” “We must stop listening to the notion that life is over after 40 for actresses,” says Garcia. “If a window is closing, just prop it up! We must embrace the change that happens in our lives at 40 and realize that we’re so much more interesting, and our voices are so much more engaging and powerful than they were ever before. We must claim who we are so that we can be seen differently by the people who are writing.” Women writers and producers have a responsibility to create content by, for, and about women, and we, as audiences, need to get out and go see these films. It’s time to create Hollywood’s version of Lean In. Let’s hope that one day, Hollywood will reframe its idea of women in their 40s and 50s and allow us to be human, and wonderfully imperfect — as we really are. Slowly, youth-obsessed Hollywood is changing. In recent years, there have been notable actresses who have become stars after age 40: Octavia Spencer skyrocketed to fame at age 41, in The Help; Anna Gunn landed the role of Skyler White on the hit show Breaking Bad at age 40; and Melissa Leo took home the Oscar at age 50 for her role in The Fighter and became a sought-after star. As for Jenica, another pilot season had come and gone, and still no TV series.

Aging Out: Hollywood’s Problem With Women Over 40

Still, the funds help support a program to feed homeless adults every Tuesday and a bimonthly dinner at the PATH Hollywood homeless shelter, as well as mission work, including a trip to Haiti to support hurricane victims. This week volunteers will travel to New Jersey to help in the rebuilding of the Jersey shore boardwalk. Aside for raising money, Cooper-Ledesma also encourages film activity because many parishioners work in the industry. About 40% of the congregation members are actors, casting directors, writers, producers, camera operators and other industry professionals. Even the church’s associate pastor, the Rev. Dave Stambaugh, has his own list of credits, having worked as a child actor in the 1976 film “The Bad News Bears” and other movies. Reflecting its location, the church has a summer sermon series that highlights the spiritual themes in such movies such as “The Blind Side,” and invites filmmakers, actors and directors to talk about their movies in a question-and-answer session. Recent guests have included and Dustin Lance Black, an Oscar-winning screenwriter and director. ON LOCATION: Where the cameras roll “Filming is important to us as a church because we like to see folks in our congregation employed,” Cooper-Ledesma said. “We have a lot of folks who are in the industry and who work behind the scenes, and when there is no filming it is draining on them. They’ve got families and L.A. is not a cheap place to live. We’re always thrilled when someone in the congregation gets an on-camera job and it always hurts when they say ‘I’m going to Vancouver, Louisiana or Atlanta.'” Hollywood United Methodist has been fulfilling both the spiritual and practical needs of Hollywood for decades.

Retailer sues West Hollywood over ban on fur apparel

Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas The main factor is the incredible landscape that we have, said Einar Sveinn Thordarson, the director of marketing for Pegasus, which provides production services for HBOs Game of Thrones; the hit series has filmed in Iceland three times. Its very unique, and thats what inspires people the most. This summer, about 300 crewmembers spent two weeks at Icelands Thingvellir National Park, shooting for the upcoming fourth season. Game of Thrones producer Chris Newman told Icelandic news website Visir this summer that they were creating the Westeros world in the drama and that Iceland fits the vision for the imaginary continent. Ive been filming here and working here for 25 years working on and off and I know, having driven around so much, that theres so much landscape here to make the show just seem enormous, said Newman. The variety of locations and landscapes is a huge selling point not only for television shows, but also big Hollywood films, said Leifur Dagfinnsson, chairman and founding partner of Truenorth, which has worked on films including The Fifth Estate, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Director Ridley Scott chose Iceland as his alien planet for the 2012 sci-fi film Prometheus, choosing to shoot in Icelands northern highlands. Iceland also hosted a crew of 1,000 people for Clint Eastwoods 2006 war film Flags of Our Fathers. In addition to the wild landscapes, there are financial reasons to shoot in Iceland. Tax incentives lure filmmakers, as the government operates a generous reimbursement program. Visiting film productions could get reimbursed up to 20 percent of their production costs while filming on Icelandic soil, a substantial benefit on films costing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. To qualify for the rebate, filmmakers must establish a company in Iceland, or create an Icelandic branch of an existing company. The filmmakers then send details about the film to Icelands Ministry of Industry, along with an estimate of production costs. Eligible production costs do not include wages for employees who pay tax in another country. We wouldnt stand a chance without this rebate, said Dagfinnsson. While Icelands environment is beautiful, its very unpredictable. Weather patterns change rapidly, and foreign production crews have to be ready for anything.

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West Hollywood’s ban on fur apparel, which took effect Saturday, is now the subject of a lawsuit. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times / September 17, 2013) By Hailey Branson-Potts September 26, 2013, 7:02 p.m. A West Hollywood retailer filed suit Thursday against the city over its first-in-the-nation ban on fur apparel. In the filing, Mayfair House , a specialty clothing and accessory store on Beverly Boulevard, said that the city overstepped its authority in banning fur apparel sales and that such trade should be regulated by state authorities. The ban, Mayfair House said in the five-count complaint, violates the state and U.S. constitutions. It is crystal clear that Californias constitution grants the state Legislature the only authority to enact legislation relating to the protection of wildlife, including the exclusive power to pass laws regulating the market for products of wildlife, such as fur, Michael OConnor, an attorney for the store, said in a statement. The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in downtown Los Angeles, seeks to have the city stop enforcing or threatening to enforce the ban. After two years of debate, the ban on fur apparel took effect Saturday , to the chagrin of numerous retailers. The ban applies only to wearing apparel. It applies to shoes, hats and gloves but not pocketbooks or purses. It also includes shearling, a sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has gone through limited shearing. Popular Ugg boots that contain shearling are banned. Fur blankets are not banned. But sleeved blankets containing fur — and meant to be worn — are.